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Zapporoo Helps a Community in Need

Help support Comunidad Connect

Zapporoo has been one of the biggest supporters of Comunidad Connect since 2013. Our monthly contributions helped construct a health clinic in the rural highland community of Los Robles in northern Nicaragua. This clinic now sees 250 patients per month on average, many of whom had to travel for several hours to reach medical treatment before the clinic was constructed. This is particularly important for emergency situations, prenatal care, and commonly recurring problems, like intestinal parasites. Zapporoo also helped Comunidad Connect expand Nica Agua, a water filter program in Los Robles to prevent intestinal parasites and viruses. There are now more than 1000 people drinking clean water in Los Robles. We look forward to partnering with Comunidad Connect to expand the Nica Agua water filter initiative and supporting many new communities through programs focused on healthcare and the creation of community assets such as health clinics, sports parks, and education centers.

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