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Testimonials for Zapporoo app development

These testimonials have not been altered in any way, not even for grammar or punctuation.

"Thanks to the crew at Zapparoo, my dream of developing the life saving app Guardian is now a reality. After being told by several app development companies that the uniqueness of my app were not doable, Zapparoo assured me they could do it. Thanks to JEREMY for guiding me through the process. He treated me like a friend and now we are friends. Thanks to Deron in the development department for the great job and patience displayed during development. Deron is now my friend also. In my opinion, there is no other app development company that would take the time and commitment and personal treatment like Zapparoo did. True professionals!!" Mike Watson - Guardian

"Creating an App can be stressful and hectic, but Zapporoo has been an excellent resource while developing my app, Geo-Silencer. Zapporoo's teams are structured, efficient, and helpful. I was not only given advice, but encouragement to pursue my goals. I plan on returning to Zapporoo with any updates to Geo-Silencer or with any new app ideas." Jessica B. - Geo-Silencer

"Being a personal trainer I have experimented with many exercise programs over the years. I wanted to take one of my favorite exercise programs and make it into an app, Zapporoo made that a reality for me. Big Bench is a step by step bench press program helping the user increase there strength on the bench press. Big Bench will have the user do a bench press test and will estimate there 1 rep max. The app will tell the user exactly how many sets, reps, and how much weight to use every week based off the user's 1 rep max. I needed the app to look very professional and do all of the calculations correctly with no bugs. The artwork is very important because it get's more attention on the app store. Zapporoo did a very good job on the artwork, I think it looks better than any other bench press program on the app store. Zapporoo also worked very hard on the coding, making sure the app does all of the calculations correctly with no bugs. After the app was on the app store I found 1 small issues, Zapporoo responded very quickly on getting it fixed. Zapporoo has given me a great app on the app store that has already gotten more attention than any other app in its category. Thanks," Ben Becker - Big Bench - fully fundeded Kickstarter campaign!

"To my team at Zapporoo, This whole thing started with my two boys and there love for the game of soccer. Prior to starting work on the app I was diagnosed with cancer so I wanted to show my boys that we could do this with some help. We had an idea for an app. Where youth players could find professional players that had similar body types. That's when we started looking for a company to help us make this little dream come true. After some research we decided on Zapporoo. You guys took the time to understand the concept and worked hard to turn it into reality. From the very beginning everyone was very professional courteous. Every detail from the Art, to the coding, to finished app exceeded my expectations. I would without hesitation recommend Zapporoo to any who needs help in making their app dreams come true. Best Wishes and God Bless" The Laskey's, Doug, Jennifer, Logan, Wilson, Addison - Players Like Me

"I reached out to Zapporoo when looking to bring to life an idea for a mobile application. I was contacted by a knowledgeable Senior Project Consultant who thoroughly explained the development process. I made the decision to hire this company, and couldn't be happier with the outcome. My experience with the talented graphics designer was above my high expectations. The detailed work of the engineering team brought my application vision to a whole new level. I highly recommend this cutting edge team. My application creation "Let's Settle It" is an innovative new way of finding a fun solution to the age old question "where should we go to eat?" The idea came to me when a conversation with a friend turned to where to go to eat. At that moment I thought "wouldn't it be cool to just be able to push a button and have GPS technology guide us to a random restaurant destination!" Thank you Zapporoo! Deciding where to eat is over. You brought my vision to reality!" Mark Schmidt President, - Let's Settle It

"Working with Zapporoo to create my App has been amazing! Working from the Westcoast, the Zapp team has made my entire process exciting & easy with great communication from THE BEST professionals!"
Lora S. Los Angeles, CA.

"Having a brilliant app idea and seeing it materialize are two different paths. The guys at Zapporoo made it seem so easy. From taking my idea of running commercials and sending notices on mobile devices and transforming it to an actual first class working app. The design, the customer service, their hands on approach to all facets of my project was so professionally done, it was just amazing. They're what I call "miracle workers". I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you Zapporoo." Blupeh - Events Commercials Notices Board

"I love it !! Keep up the great work, I don't think there is a thing I haven't liked so far." Glenda Shultz - Green Thumb

"Damien, your team has been great. Given the opportunity, tributes would go out to Deron and Enzo Unified. And of course Rigo for arguing with me and being right. Couldn't have gotten here without any of them. Plugging for me would be greatly appreciated. I need all the help I can get. I have dropped the idea of doing an app for Screen Vision Adapter, the idea you and I talked about some months ago. Great idea, but despite your support, my intuition tells me this is an idea before it's time. Technologically doable, regulatory nightmare. The guy that applied for the patent the week before I did has a hard road ahead but I wish him luck. Going through this process has taught me a lot. I have another app idea that dwarfs this one, the reason being is that millions of people regularly pay $65 for this application that I would be willing to sell for just $2.99 And it's simple. I am hoping that Photo ALERT will fund my development. If not, I have several partners that have already offered me more than the development cost would be...so I am a lucky man. My budget tells me that I am three years away from starving, so until then I am plugging along. I even bought a bottle of $15 dollar wine tonight to celebrate...maybe I can finally get away from that $4.99 Crane Lake. LOL Thanks Damien." Terry C. - Photo ALERT

"Looks great! WOW,!!! I installed it on my galaxy notepad, will be getting an adroid phone so I can try it while texting! But so far it is exactly as I envisioned it!" Kris Kelso - On The Move

"I am truly blown away by the work you do it looks great! By all means please move forward."
Kevin Demeester - Mutt Matcher

"WOOOOOOW, Chris that is insane!!! I love it !!!!" Otis Wellborne - Places And People App

"Wow you are amazing that it. Perfect! thank you! :-) I love it. I promise no more changes!"
Leslie Brown/Booker - NaviVoice

"I'd like to take this time to tell about my experience working with Zapporoo. I came up with the idea of Good Vibes and presented it to Zapporoo, and within a few days I heard back from Roberto Rodriguez. He told me Zapporoo was interested in developing my idea into a useable cell phone app. I will say I was excited and a bit anxious at the same time. With not knowing the process of developing an app had me a little worried about how things worked. Roberto helped ease my mind about everything involved. Working with everyone on the app was enjoyable and exciting. Having the people at Zapporoo take my ideas and sketches and bring them to life was amazing. If things weren't just the way I had imagined them, no matter how small, were corrected and perfected to my liking with no questions asked, and always spot on. Communications through phone, e-mails, and Basecamp gave structure to the whole developmental process and progress. It's great to see how an idea and a few sketches can be developed into a full functioning cell phone app with all the folks at Zapporoo. They are a great team to work with and I would not hesitate to do it all again. If any new ideas come up in the future they'll be my first call. Thanks to all the folks at Zapporoo." Mike Doiron - Good Vibes

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