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Mobile App Development with Zapporoo

The first step is to start with an idea. Submit your idea 100% safe and secure with full confidentiality and you keep your rights to your idea. See our Confidentiality Agreement. When you submit your idea you will get our Free Entrepreneur's Guide to Mobile App Development emailed to you which contains detailed information walking you through creating and advertising a successful mobile app. One of our Mobile App Development specialists will reach out to you for your free consultation to discuss your general idea functionality and feasibility to help you take your idea to the next level.
We break down your development into a 3 step process. Alpha, Omega and Programming. The Alpha stage is where the basic design and theme for your app is outlined and created. We will do a preliminary trademark title search on the name of your App. You will have 24-hour secure access to review your app's progress. The Omega stage is where the initial design and layout is completed while highlighting the functionality and flow of the app and a custom badge or icon is created for the platform of your choice.
The final step in our process is the Programming stage where the coding is done to complete your functioning mobile app. During this stage you will have full access to the team members associated with your app to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.
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