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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost? The easiest answer to such a question with so many variables would be to ask you how much the average animal weighs. Your app might be the next big thing from a very simple yet genius idea or you could have a very intricate idea for an app that you know you can dominate the world with. You may want to just take your app to a certain level and sell out to an investor, or you may want to go all out and get on the app stores to sell individually and also get ad revenue. Submit your idea and one of our specialists will be able to go over your goals and idea to answer this for you.

How do I know my idea will stay mine? / How do I know you're not a scam? We put together an in-depth answer for these questions on our Trust and Confidentiality page. The short answer is that you retain full ownership and we have our 100% Confidentiality Agreement. Also if you see your browser's security tab you will see we have gone through the same extended verification process as your bank and we have the highest security in place for you to submit your app idea safely.

Do you outsource? Absolutely not. We use only our own trained professionals and do all the work in house. We are proud to employ some of the best talent in America. We have 2 offices to help you with your app development, see our Contact info page for more details including each office address.

Are you secure? Yes! We have even gone through the extended valuation process which is normally a 6-8 week process where our entire business is fully verified by a third party. This third party checks and verifies our entire business including but not limited to: our business identity and government issued certificates, our registered place of business and phones are true office space not somebody's home office, and checks that our business is in good standing. In short this is the same validation process that your local bank went through. Once fully verified we then get the strongest security certificate available for online transactions as well as the full green bar with a padlock showing our extended valuation and security for your piece of mind and protection.

What other apps have you made? Can I see examples of them? We don't use our clients apps to sell our company to future clients. We give everyone a Confidentiality Agreement on day one and our main goal is to have repeat customers. Because of this we do not advertise every app we have helped develop as they never belong to us, from day one they remain the client's property. That being said, we can show you some of the apps we have done where we were given explicit permission to show them by the client. We also have a lot of feedback from our happy customers on our Testimonials page that you can look at as well.

So what if there is a similar app to mine? A lot of times there are similar apps for the exact same concept, and that is always going to happen. Look at what Facebook did to Myspace. If you find an app that is already out there similar to what you have envisioned, look for ways to improve it and make yours better. Competition is a good thing because you are fortunate enough to see the mistakes other developers have made. With your app you will have a new and improved version that can be better than the rest.

How is it that you can do all this for so much less than the competition? Zapporoo is an all in one App Development Company. This means we offer easy step by step services that meet your budget throughout the entire process. You speak directly to the team members working on your project. Other companies will outsource the work and hire third party companies to design the app which increases your cost.

What if I don't have clear design ideas? Will the designers help or do I need everything done myself? Rest assured our app designers are brilliant at what they do. They are true artists and some of the finest talent in the industry. As long as you have a general idea of what you want your app to do our expert TEAM will work closely with you to bring out your true vision. We know you will love what you see!

Why is your domain name registration private? Private domain name registration is a value added option available from respectable domain registration companies like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc. that is meant to protect businesses. Every domain registration is part of a list called the "whois". As you know every search engine has their spiders and bots crawling the internet to gather data for web searches, well there are other bots and spiders that crawl the "whois" records to make lists for resale to other companies. We simply just wish to work with our customers and not have the constant unsolicited spam and advertisements from other companies trying to sell us their products or services.

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