The Appreneur Weekly – Education For Serious App Creators 4/04 – 4/08

The Appreneur Weekly – Education For Serious App Creators 4/04 – 4/08

The Appreneur Weekly

Here at Zapporoo, our goal is to help each and every person that has an app idea turn that idea into a thriving business. To help further our mission, we scour the interwebs each week to find and share the best content we can find on app development, app monetization, app marketing, and more so that you don’t have to. Be sure to read and implement the strategies you learn from these posts each week and watch your app business flourish.

In this week’s edition you’ll get a huge list of resources to help inspire your next app idea, learn the 7 most common app store optimization trends that all top apps share, learn the most important app marketing metric that most developers are ignoring, and more.


In-app Stores — Not Just For Games Anymore


Gaming apps have utilized in-app stores for quite some time now and because of that strategy remain the most profitable app category on the market. In-app stores aren’t limited to gaming apps but this category has been know to be a bit more creative with their strategies for drawing users into their stores. It would benefit apps in other verticals to study these tactics and brainstorm ways they could employ something similar into their own apps.

In-app stores are commonly found in gaming apps, where users typically purchase items to enhance or aid their gameplay. The free-to-play model for mobile gaming has proven to be immensely lucrative thanks to opportunities to boost or augment one’s in-game experience with special content or features available for purchase via in-app stores. But the approaches employed to draw users to the stores in those apps can be applied to verticals beyond gaming: There’s a diverse, and perhaps unexpected, host of apps that can find use for some of those gamification techniques.

Looking for some more advanced and creative ways to monetize your app? This is an awesome case study outlining how a non-gaming app, Ginger, was able to launch an in-app store and developed a creative strategy to funnel users to it. The result increased organic growth via social sharing, increased retention among its users, and increased user visits and engagement in its in-app store. Could you incorporate a similar strategy in your app?

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Creating Your App’s Landing Page And The Top Tips To Optimize It


The app landing page is an often overlooked but vital part of app promotion. Many times it is your potential users first interaction with your app so make it count. Don’t just create a bland, boring landing page because it’s a box to check, study and implement conversion optimization techniques to make yours stand out from similar apps in your space.  

Now that you have a landing page. (We presume). You will want to move on from the vanilla, run of the mill landing page and create something that really converts. It’s one thing to have a beautiful site, it’s another thing entirely to have one that does its job. In case you didn’t know, your site’s job is to get you users!

This post provides advice on how to quickly and affordably build a landing page to promote your app with and follows that up by giving you 8 excellent tips on how to optimize these landing pages to help you capture the most users possible.

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App Uninstalls: 2016’s Most Underrated App Marketing Metric


App installs as a KPI, while valuable, can often give you a misleading read on the health of your app growth and the profitability of your paid app install campaigns. Perhaps the metric that will give you a more accurate evaluation of your apps success is the app uninstall, a retention metric that shows how many of your users are downloading the app but then either churning (not using the app) or uninstalling altogether.

While installs are an acquisition metric, uninstalls are a retention metric. They tell you how many of your mobile customers discontinue using your app each week and whether this trend is growing or diminishing. Unlike acquisition metrics, which can be assumptive or downright faulty, retention metrics provide indisputable evidence into the long-term sustainability of your app.

The first installment of a 6 part series on the new app marketing metrics, this post gives an excellent explanation supporting the idea that app uninstalls are an underrated but extremely insightful metric for evaluating the overall health of your app as well as the ROI of your user acquisition campaigns. Is your app truly profitable? Read this article to learn how to find out.

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The Anatomy of a Top App


App Store Optimization is an ever moving target. And one topic that all app developers should stay on top of. App store algorithms are constantly shifting to give app searchers the best experience possible.

But keeping up with changes in the app stores can be challenging. In the fast-paced world of mobile app marketing, changes in app store algorithms are rolled out regularly, and many mobile marketers scramble to keep up.

This post shares 7 optimization trends that are common among the top apps in the app stores. Take note and optimize your app listings based off these trends and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the apps out there.

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Need Unique App Ideas? 19 MASSIVE Resources To Inspire You


We all know that apps are big business and the income generated from them is growing every year. If you’re like me, you’re always trying to come up with the next Instagram or Candy Crush. My best ideas usually come to me after being inspired in some way or the other.

Before we dig in I think it’s important to remind you to be present and aware of your surroundings. Sometimes the challenges that you and your peers face offer some of the greatest sources of inspiration.

This post is meant to help aspiring appreneurs find inspiration for new app ideas. It offers a wide variety of app idea resources from online lists to forums to idea generators and more, guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

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